When did you finally grow up? Was it a linear process? A chaotic one? Some of both?

For many of us, wrestling through our 20s and 30s with the reality of adulthood has produced more questions than answers. Those questions of work, faith, purpose, and relationship (with God, with fellow humans, with the world around us) have emerged in knots and tangles. Often, there’s no safe place in which to try to make sense of them.

So we imagined: What might that place look like? How could we create a space in which we could address these questions in an integrated and holistic way? And what if we did so in conversation with the land, the soil, and the table?

Welcome to the Cultivators Podcast.

Episode 1: Seeds

In this episode, we explore the origins of the Cultivate project, as well as learn some lessons about resurrection from worms.

Episode 2: Compost

In this episode, we engage questions of loss, death, and decay in our lives — and how God’s resurrection life is meeting us at the compost pile.

Episode 3: Work

What work is worth doing? In this episode, we follow the stories of a few participants as they dig into questions of vocation and calling.

Episode 4: Food

In this episode, we dive into why food and hospitality are so important to living lives of purpose and faith.

Episode 5: Rest

In this episode, we wrap up the project with reflections on what worked and what flopped — especially exploring why rest was so important.

The Zoe Project was funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc, and is headquartered at Princeton Theological Seminary.