Project Credits

Senior Research Director: Katherine M. Douglass
Visual Research Design:  Chloe Guillot
Innovation Coaching:  Michael Baughman, Aqueelah Ligonde, Shari Oosting, Trey Wince
Executive coaching: Mark DeVries, Marcina Simons
Visual poetry/filmmaking:  Marlon Hall
Documentary storytelling/filmmaking: Richard Leighton
First assistant camera:  Jordan Tetewsky, Brendan Dean
Podcast director/producer: Wes Willison (Cultivate), Bethany Stolle (Design thinking)
Storytelling consultant: Mark Yaconelli
Project coordinators: Lindsay Clarke, Kelsey Holderman
Learning design: Kenda Creasy Dean, Amanda Drury, Shannon Hopkins, Nate Stucky, Annalise Hume, Hannah Lehman, Jeff Chu, Pearl Quick, Werner Ramirez, Wes Willison
Senior Strategist and Project Director:  Kenda Creasy Dean
Academic Dean, Princeton Theological Seminary: Jacqueline Lapsley
Program Director, Young Adult Innovation Hub Initiative, The Lilly Endowment: Chanon Ross
Web Consultant: Michael Cuppett
Webmasters:  Joel Estes, Rory Chambers

Spouses, significant others, and children of all who participated in this project, for sharing your loved ones with us: We are grateful!

The Zoe Project was funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc, and is headquartered at Princeton Theological Seminary.